Life as a quadriplegic comes with its own unique set of rules. I never set out to become a writer, but fate has a way of determining your path for you. I began writing poetry immediately after my high school football injury, and in 1982, I self-published a book of poetry entitled Life's Path. It was an amazing, but expensive experience. In the last few years, I have written numerous children's stories, short stories, novels and poetry. My most recent publication is a fully illustrated children's book entitled Doc The Hawk. To learn more about this book and my other work, please follow the links above.  Enjoy your visit!
Doc the Hawk is a must read!  Click the Comments link to read what people are saying about this heart-warming tale with amazing drawings by artist James McGregor.

Use the Orders link to get your copy of this beautifully illustrated children's book, or contact me directly at for a personalized copy.

I would like to thank Raymond Coderre, President, of Baico Publishing for his efforts in promoting Canadian authors and for welcoming me as a new children's author.

PayPal or personal cheques accepted.  Signed copies are also available.

Writing is my passion and it takes up a lot of my time and energy. A vital part of producing a well-written piece is the editing process. Nothing kills the flavor and impact of a good story more quickly than typos, misused words, spelling mistakes, punctuation problems, etc. So, when
Baico Publishing presented me with an opportunity to proofread and edit stories written by other people - I jumped at the opportunity. I absolutely love it! After successfully completing more than 22 books both for Baico and privately (all of which have or will be published soon), I have perfected my technique. If you are at the stage where you need a fresh set of eyes, or you just can't be bothered proofreading and editing yourself - I can help. For detailed information on the editing services I offer, please click on the Editing link above. Let me do it for you!

I have been a quadriplegic since a head-on collision during a high school football game on October 9, 1975. What's so unique about that you ask? Life after a spinal cord injury is often a traumatic experience to adjust to with any success. My story is about that struggle and the struggles of those who lived through it with me. My family, relatives, friends, teachers, classmates and entire community experienced it along with me. Not to the same degree, but nonetheless they were all deeply affected. Mine is a story of triumph, personal growth and success. I believe my life and unique experiences as a quadriplegic is worth sharing.
  • Drafted (pre-entry) by the CFL Toronto Argonauts
  • Drafted (pre-entry) by the NHL Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Held two Junior Olympic swimming records in backstroke and individual medley
  • Invited to 1976 Olympic trials in both swimming and diving
  • Set first ever wheelchair distance record - 2003 miles in 44 days
  • University of Ottawa, Bachelor of Education - Summa Cum Laude
  • Carleton University, Bachelor of Social Work  - Summa Cum Laude
  • Algonquin College, Diploma, Social Service Worker - Summa
    Cum Laude
  • Employed continuously from 1980 to present - currently on LTD
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